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October 18, 2016

Personal Umbrella Insurance: Claims Against Your Teen

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Why do you need to have personal umbrella insurance? Most homeowners and individuals believe they are not at risk for lawsuits. You do your job, you come and go as you should and you don’t do anything to bother other people. Yet, mistakes can happen and in some cases, there may be no way to avoid the risks you face. A lawsuit may be brought against you for something you didn’t even know you were responsible for. In some cases, those claims can even come from the actions or inactions of your teens.

You Are Responsible

Let’s say your teen is outside walking the dog. There’s never been a problem before and your dog is a good one. Then, a person living a few streets away reaches out to your dog and the dog reacts with a bite. That person may be hurt and needing medical care. You could be held responsible for those costs including costs for pain and suffering.

On the other hand, your teen may be driving your vehicle and hit someone walking down the street. Your car insurance may kick in to pay some of the lost costs, but if that person suffers significant injuries and long-term loss of use as a result of the actions, you could still be facing a lawsuit that amounts to thousands of dollars in losses. Your home may be on the line. Your teen may not have meant to cause the problem and it could simply have been a mistake. Now, you have to worry about the risks.

Protecting What You Own

It is situations like these, and many others like it that can put you, as a property owner at risk. Your standard liability insurance, associated with your home or your car, simply isn’t enough protection. That is when your personal umbrella insurance can help. It provides an additional layer of coverage that you simply need to have to minimize your risks. Of course, personal umbrella insurance isn’t just associated with your teen’s actions, but it can help protect against many of the risks of lawsuits you face on a routine basis in today’s litigious society. Your insurance agent can help you avoid many of these risks.

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