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Commercial Property Insurance in Dublin, CA

Owning a business requires a lot of time and investment, which is why you should protect it in any way possible. One way to protect your physical assets is through commercial property insurance.

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial property insurance is a type of coverage designed to protect a company’s physical assets from unexpected events, such as fire, windstorms, theft and vandalism. A company’s physical assets could include buildings, equipment, furniture, fixtures, inventory or other items that support daily operations. Commercial property insurance policies can also include business interruption insurance, which will help cover lost income if you can’t operate your business because of damaged property due to a covered incident.

Types of Commercial Property Insurance

Insurers offer a variety of property insurance policies. Some cover only a single peril, or cause of loss, such as a fire insurance policy, but other policies include several different coverages in a single policy. Most businesses find it more cost-effective and convenient to purchase a package policy that protects their company from a whole range of incidents.

Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover Vehicles?

Some company assets are typically not covered by commercial property insurance, including the following:

  • Any vehicles subject to motor vehicle registration, including aircraft, autos and trucks
  • Bullion, money or securities
  • Land, water, growing crops, lawns, trees, shrubs or plants
  • Outdoor fences and signs not attached to the building

An insurance professional will be able to discuss what is and is not covered by your policy, and help you decide if you need additional coverage.

Commercial Property Insurance Quote in Dublin, CA

If you are interested in learning more about commercial property insurance, JSW Insurance is ready to help! We’ve been helping business owners in Northern California get the coverage they need since 1967. We are dedicated to helping local business owners find the right coverage to meet their needs.

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