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December 17, 2016

My Home’s Paid Off: Why Do I Need Home Insurance?

There may not be a more satisfying feeling than paying off your home.

While this may mean you no longer have a mortgage, it doesn’t mean the risks against your property are fewer. Most of the time, mortgage lenders require homeowners to have home insurance while they have a loan. This protects the mortgage lender’s interest in your property.

However, once you pay off your home, that requirement likely drops. There are still numerous benefits that home insurance provides that most homeowners should not be without.

Why You Need Home Insurance

There are various benefits to maintaining home insurance on your property. Consider, for a moment, what might happen if your home has significant damage. Perhaps a fire occurs or a tree falls onto the roof. Would you be able to afford the repairs to your home out of your pocket?

For most homeowners, the risk is obvious. If an incident like this were to occur, they would struggle financially to recover from the loss. Take a look at the various benefits of having a quality home insurance policy:

  • It protects the structure from risks. It may protect your home from damage related to fire, theft, vandalism and frozen pipes.
  • It can help to protect the contents of your home. This includes your electronics, collections and personal items.
  • It aids in minimizing the financial risks of a lawsuit filed against you. If someone were to injure themselves on your property, this policy can help to cover your losses if they sue.

As you work to pay down your home, recognize the importance of maintaining proper insurance on it. It should match the value of your home and possessions. You may need a policy that fits the changing value of your property.

Ensure your policy covers the actual value of your home. More specifically, it should cover the value to rebuild your home totally. Work with your home insurance provider to determine the right level of liability insurance you need.

Home insurance provides protections that any homeowner needs to have. If you do not have coverage, getting it now can be vitally important should an incident occur. Without proper coverage, your biggest investment and asset is at risk.

We gladly offer online resources to help you explore your Oakland home insurance options. If you have any questions, explore our website or call us today at 925.737.1560.

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