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May 7, 2018

Will Home Insurance Replace Your Gutters?

Home insurance helps you to pay for expensive repairs to your home in many cases. However, whether it will pay to replace your gutters depends on the cause of the problem.

Gutters are a critical component to your home’s structural integrity. As a result, you need to maintain them. You also need to inspect them routinely for concerns. Make repairs as necessary. In some cases, you can let your insurance agent know about the problem. Sometimes, it can offer some financial support to this process.

What is the Problem with the Gutters?

Generally speaking, home insurance does not cover the cost of repairing your gutters. If they are falling down or even missing, it is unlikely your standard policy will offer coverage. That is because most problems with gutters are maintenance-related. It is up to the homeowner to maintain their gutters. This includes cleaning them out and ensuring they align. It also means replacing broken pieces.

There are some situations where home insurance can help. Here are some examples:

  • The gutters fell down because of a windstorm.
  • They have extensive damage from hail.
  • The roof caught fire, damaging the gutters.
  • A tornado or hurricane caused the damage.
  • A tree branch damaged the gutters.

In these cases, your home insurance may help you. However, this does not always occur. Check with your agent to learn more about the protections available to you.

Common Reasons for Denied Claims

Take a look at some of the most common causes of damage to gutters. In these cases, most policies will not provide coverage:

  • The gutters are loose or no longer secured to the home.
  • There is damage to the home as a result of water that cannot properly run away from the roof. For example, leaves back up the gutters. This causes water to pool and creates mold on the roof.
  • Ice dams form. Often, this occurs as a result of non-maintained gutters.
  • Insects or other vermin cause damage to the gutters or to the roof as a result of accessing the gutters.

Are you unsure if your home insurance can help you? If so, and you own a home in CA, NV, WA, or AZ, contact us now. Discuss what the concerns are. Take a closer look at your policy, too. If there is damage, the policy may have some limits on how much damage it will cover. Know as much as you can about your policy.

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