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February 21, 2017

Tips for Keeping Guests Safe in Your Rental Home

When you are entertaining in your rental home, you want your guests to have a good time. You also want them to feel safe and secure within your four walls.

But, never forget that having guests into your home is a risk. There is always a possibility that a guest could injure himself or herself. If a guest gets hurt in your home, you may have to cover part of their medical costs. In situations like these, renters liability insurance can sometimes help you.

There are many things you can do to reduce the risk of injuries when a guest is in your home. Keep these safety tips in mind when preparing for guests:

  • Clean your home and guest areas. It will cut down on any transmittable germs that might be in your home. If you use your guest rooms infrequently, clean and dust them thoroughly. Also, check for signs of damage or mold.
  • If you notice any potential hazards, fix them before the guests arrive. Perhaps the front step cracks and might break? Maybe a door frame is loose? These could cause injury to your guests who aren’t aware that problems exist.
  • Check common areas for potential hazards. Tape down wires and cords in the living room. Tighten that leaky faucet. Clean your stove to reduce fire risks.
  • Make sure that your home’s security systems work. Secure any weapons or firearms in a locked area. Only you should know how to access these systems.

When your guests arrive:

  • Let guests know about potential hazards. Point out that step-down that might cause people to trip. Show them slip risks in showers or kitchens.
  • Show your guests your security systems and explain how they work. Let your guests know what areas of the home are off-limits and how to lock the house when leaving.
  • Choose whether you disclose to your guests if you keep a firearm or other weapons in the home. You don’t have to tell guests how to access the firearm, but they should know to be careful when looking around. Remind them not to open locked boxes or safes.
  • Give your guests emergency contact information. They might need your work number, the number of your landlord and the local police. You might even give them the numbers for utilities like the power and water companies.
  • Encourage your guests to ask questions about security. Tell them to let you know of any problems or hazards immediately.

Also, don’t let your guests move in with you, or overstay their welcomes. Your renters insurance or lease may not cover a permanent resident who isn’t listed on the policy. Often, it is illegal to have extra occupants without telling your landlord.

Your renters insurance can help you protect yourself in case a guest causes a liability risk in your home. Give JSW Insurance a call today at (925) 737-1560 to learn more about Oakland renters insurance coverage.

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