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December 14, 2017

Technology For Taking Care Of Seniors From Afar


As a child, adults took care of you, and not just your parents. Grandparents, uncles, teachers, and family friends all had a hand in raising you and keeping you safe. You appreciate that, which is why you want to help them in turn when they get older.

That’s not so easy considering how you live far away from them. Is there a way you can provide some help despite not being able to be there physically? Thanks to modern technology and the internet, there are many things you can to do help. You can begin by helping the senior set up some communication devices.

Communication Devices

Sure, these seniors have smartphones and can use them just fine. But these days, there are many technological devices that can assist with communication and monitoring. Home Care Assistance explains that you can use face-to-face apps to see the seniors when you talk to them. There are also personal emergency response systems like Lively that alert you if there is a medical emergency at the senior’s house.

You can also get the seniors a digital assistant like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home. These are voice controlled, allowing seniors to talk and get help, information, and more. They can even remind seniors of appointments or to take medication.

One unusual bit of tech that works here is called the True Link card. It acts like a credit card, but it monitors a senior’s spending to help prevent scams targeted to the elderly. If necessary, you can even set up spending limits to make sure seniors are spending wisely.

Delivery Services Online

The internet can be used for more than communication and reminders. These days, many companies are setting up home delivery of their goods, and seniors can order these online. This can be a big help if the seniors are having problems with driving or mobility.

In fact, they might not have to even drive to the grocery store. Peapod is an online service that lets people do their food shopping online, and they company with hand-deliver groceries right to the senior’s front door. Even local grocery stores like Safeway are getting in on this act. You can help by setting up an account or even selecting the groceries yourself.

But you can order more than just groceries online. Postmates is a new service that can deliver a lot more to seniors. They can get meals, coffee, alcohol, and even prescription drugs to the seniors’ home. Just about anything that can be found in a local store can be ordered, bought, and delivered these days.

Helping With Pet Care

In fact, you can even help seniors take care of their pet dogs from afar. Rover.com is a dog-walking service that you can use online. Simply make a profile and order a walk. One of their dog walkers will take the puppy for a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. This is perfect for seniors who need the fun of having a pet dog but have trouble giving it the exercise it needs.

Tech Makes Long-Distance Care Possible

In the past, it would be nearly impossible for you to help care for seniors when you live far away. But thanks to modern technology, there’s a lot you can do. Devices and apps can help you keep connected with the seniors, while home delivery services can bring groceries, medicine, and even dog walks right to their door. This way, you don’t have to drive for hours just to help.

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