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February 25, 2016

Safety Tips for First-Time Apartment Renters

couple holding keys to new apartmentMoving out on your own is both exhilarating and challenging. You enjoy the fact that you can go and come as you please, but you also want to make good choices. With the potential for danger at every turn in life, safety should always be your top priority in your new apartment.

Choose a Safe Community

Simply because an apartment complex looks safe during the day, doesn’t mean it’s safe at night. You should observe the community you are interested in, both day and night, and on different days to ensure it’s safe. Apartment complexes with high crime rates are risky and could place your life in danger.

Create an Evacuation Plan for All Types of Emergencies

If you remember while you were in school, you always had an evacuation plan for each type of weather-related disaster. After you move into your new apartment, you should take the same approach to your safety as your schools did when you were younger. By creating an evacuation plan, you increase the chances that you can brave an emergency without placing yourself in danger.

Never Leave Your Doors Unlocked

Intruders are constantly lurking to find their next victim. They wait to take advantage of someone unsuspecting, giving them the ability to have the upper hand in the situation. In order to ensure that you and your family are safe, you must always lock your doors and your windows. You also want to ensure that you arm your security system each time you exit your home.

Purchase Renters Insurance

When you move into your apartment, you take extra care to ensure that your personal property isn’t damaged in the move. You wrap your dishes and your electronics in bubble wrap to prevent breaking or damaging your assets.

The same way you protect your personal belongings during a move, you should take the same care to protect yourself on a daily basis. Renters insurance is the financial protection you need in case you experience a break-in, fire or another covered loss. For the same amount that you pay for a cup of coffee, you have the peace of mind knowing your personal assets are insured.

With safety as your top priority, you can minimize the possibility of being in danger or the chance of losing some of your personal property in your first apartment.

Your safety is our priority. Call JSW Insurance at (925) 737-1560 for more information on renters insurance Redwood City, CA.

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