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August 23, 2016

Insuring Your Office Building

Maintaining an office building is a large endeavor. It’s much like being an apartment landlord, but on a much bigger scale. Not to mention, dealing with entire businesses, as opposed to individual renters, may take a much larger team of employees. The process of carrying out daily operations likely resembles a well-oiled machine. But if something goes wrong, will you be able to overcome the obstacle?

There are any number of events that could occur which could rock the financial stability of your office building. Some of these events may include fire, theft, severe weather incidents, vandalism and more. A substantial loss may be difficult to overcome.

Fortunately, you can get the financial support you need to recover from a crisis with a comprehensive insurance policy designed to protect commercial office buildings. These policies often contain coverage options such as:

  • Property Insurance: Protects the building and all physical assets owned by the business, such as computers and furniture. Businesses that rent out office space are responsible for their own assets.
  • Liability Insurance: Offers financial compensation to third parties who experience an injury or property damage on premises, often due to a preventable circumstance.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: Protects you in the case you are being sued by employees who get injured or fall ill while performing work duties.

Your independent insurance agent can go over numerous other coverage options with you, allowing you to select the best policy for the needs of your office building. The right protection helps you run an effective business with peace of mind.

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