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June 24, 2016

Home Insurance Protects More Than Your Property

DogFor many, home insurance is mostly about protecting the home and personal belongings from damage or loss. The liability part of home insurance isn’t always given as much careful consideration. This could be in part because people feel that most guests don’t sue their hosts. However, there are many not so far-out-there scenarios that can easily happen to anyone. Here are three of them.

Dog Bites

A lot is expected of our dogs. We want them to be loving pets with our family, friends and guests, yet still protect us from or at least discourage intruders and thieves. Making these kinds of distinctions between people is expecting a lot from our canine friends, and sometimes a guest or neighbor gets bitten. If the bite is severe (and especially if the victim is a child), it’s not unheard of to be sued or asked to pay for the medical expenses.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are among the most common home accidents. Although these accidents frequently happen to the residents because of the amount of time they spend in their homes, slips and falls can also happen to guests. Some of the places where this type of accident occurs include bathrooms, stairs, any place with loose rugs, wet or icy driveways and bedrooms with toys strewn on the floors. While a home should be well-kept and maintained, the home is also a place where life happens; which means it’s impossible to eliminate all potential hazards 100 percent of the time when a guest comes to visit.

Yard Accidents

While it’s not entirely healthy to be seeing the dark side of things, accidents do happen. Something as innocent as a swing set which is usually associated with happy carefree children can be the site of an injury to a neighbor’s child. The same is true of trampolines and swimming pools. Even the stately tree that you enjoy could fall down on to the neighbor’s car during a windstorm. It doesn’t matter whether the car was parked on your driveway or the neighbor’s, you could be held liable.

The above is not an exhaustive list of the liability risks faced by homeowners. However, it should convince most that the risk is real. Insurance is about financial protection against risk. If you haven’t carefully reviewed the liability portion of your home insurance policy, give it another look. Ask your independent insurance agent to review it with you to ensure that your coverage is adequate.

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