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March 8, 2017

Digital Auto ID Cards on your Smartphone

Recently I watched an NBC news report about how a $25 fix it ticket for not having proof of insurance can end up being a $12,000 fine. It is the law. You must carry proof of insurance with you. But you don’t have to have a piece of paper in your glove box, which is often outdated. You can use your smartphone to always have a current copy of your proof of insurance. I’ll use the Allied application to show you how. I’ve already downloaded the application and set up my online account. For this demonstration, I’ve already logged into the app as well. When I launch the application, the second option from the top is the view my insurance ID cards. A list of the cars on my policy is displayed. If I tap one of the cars, my insurance ID card is displayed. You can show this as legal proof of insurance in California. At the bottom of the page, you can tap to save for offline viewing. This makes sure you have an offline copy of this within the application so that if you’re out of cell phone range, you can still access this ID card through the application. You must do this for each of your cars. With this application, I can also view all of my accounts with Allied. I can even pay my bill. You can ask for roadside assistance and you can start a claim.

If current customers still prefer to have a hard copy proof of insurance, you can request one for free on our website.

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