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December 8, 2015

Accident Forgiveness & Traffic School (Video)

Everyone has seen the television ads from the big national insurance carriers offering accident forgiveness or in some cases violation forgiveness as a feature of their personal auto insurance policies. Unfortunately, what you probably don’t notice is the fine print at the bottom of your TV screen which says that this feature is not available in California.

You may be wondering, “Why not?” Well, in 1988 California voters approved Proposition 103 which requires that your driving record be the most important rating factor for your auto insurance. Its authors vigorously defend any challenges to the voter approved proposition in the name of consumer protection, even when a change like this could benefit consumers.

Don’t be fooled by the television ads you see. There is no way in California to keep from being charged for an at-fault accident no matter what company you are insured with, and no matter how long you’ve been insured with them. There is, however one way to keep a violation off of your record, and that is by attending traffic school when you are eligible.

I highly recommend this and doing so keeps the violation off of your record and your insurance rates lower. It also helps maintain your 20% good driver discount established by Prop. 103 in the event you are unlucky enough to get another violation or accident in the 18 months that follow.

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