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July 28, 2016

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Rental Property

Dog by the Pool

Owning or managing a rental property is a big job; one that involves not only taking care of the property, but also pleasing the residents. However, in taking care to maintain the property with high standards, you can also please residents. And happy residents who enjoy living on your property are more likely to refer their friends and family.

When considering property upkeep, consider what you would like to see if you were a resident. A few small steps could vastly improve the aesthetics and amenities of the property. Here are five tips to help jumpstart your imagination.

  1. Landscaping: Trimmed grass, flowers and other greenery go a long way toward making a property visually appealing. And while the insides of the units are most important, having a pleasant view is always nice as well. Ensure that the landscaping is regularly cared for, especially if a tree has fallen or if shrubbery is causing blind spots for drivers in the community.

  2. Quick maintenance: If a resident requests maintenance within their unit, be sure to address the issue promptly. Whether you have a maintenance staff or you contract out the work, it should be done within a day or two. Busted AC units and leaking pipes should take immediate priority.

  3. Clean pool area: If your property has a community pool, be sure to treat the water regularly and keep the area clean and tidy. Any lingering trash should be disposed of and broken pool chairs should be replaced. Additionally, post the rules clearly so residents can do their share in making the pool a relaxing place for everyone.

  4. Community activities: Bringing the residents together provides everyone with a fun way to get to know each other. Plan a community movie night, a scavenger hunt, a potluck brunch or any other fun activities that enhance the community.

  5. Dog stations: Since dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their furry friends, help them with the task by providing dog stations throughout the property. Each station should have a supply of plastic disposal bags and a trash can. If residents pay a pet rent, this is one perk that they may expect in exchange.

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