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August 6, 2018

5 Steps to Check Your Car’s Safety Before You Hit the Road

roadtripBefore you head out on a road trip, be sure your car is safe. You should inspect it routinely. However, for longer trips, the importance of this grows. What can you do to increase your own safety?

Staying safe on the road is critical. It can help you avoid having to file an auto insurance claim. It does not take long to check your vehicle. These five steps make the process easy.

#1: Check the Fluids
The first step is to check the vehicle’s fluids. Vehicle fluids keep it operating safely. Check the brake fluid levels. Also check the oil and coolant. You should also be sure the windshield washer fluid is full. You can learn how to do this by reading the manufacturer’s owner’s manual.

#2: Check the Tires
Look at the tires. A common reason to file an auto insurance claim relates to tire blowouts. First, be sure there is enough tread on the tire to maintain its grip on the road. Also check the air pressure. You will need to ensure the tires are at the proper level. This means ensuring they are not under or overfilled.

#3: Get the Oil Changed
For long trips, get the oil changed before you hit the road. When you do, you will get more gas mileage out of the car. You also help prevent damage to the engine. New oil will help the engine run smoothly. However, do not add extra oil to the car. Too much oil is bad for the engine as well. Rather, have the car’s oil filter and oil replaced by a certified technician.

#4: Replace Wiper Blades
You do not want to have to file a car insurance claim because rain limited your visibility and caused a wreck. The wiper blades are a critical component in protecting your vision in the vehicle. Replace them with every other oil change. And, inspect them to ensure they work well before your road trip.

#5: Check the Lights
Before you leave your home – at any time – be sure your lights are working well. Check all brake lights and backup lights. Be sure to replace bulbs in your headlights, too.

Each of these steps takes just a few minutes to complete. Yet, they can offer you incredible protection on the roadway. It takes only a simple problem with one of these systems to cause an accident. Avoid having to file an auto insurance claim. Be sure your vehicle is safe before you hit the road. A simple visit to your mechanic might make a considerable difference.

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