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November 30, 2018

4 Reasons Home Insurance Rates Rise and Increase Your Costs

Kitchen renovationIt can be frustrating to see your home insurance rates increase. However, this happens to most people over time. The costs increase for many reasons. Sometimes, it is due to the actions you take. If you file numerous claims, this can increase your costs. However, other factors are less in your control. Take a look at some of the most common reasons you are paying more for home insurance than you were.

1. Your Structural Integrity Is in Question

In short, sometimes changes to home insurance policies come from changes in the property. For example, you may want to make your home more enjoyable to you. So, you add a fireplace to it. This adds costs on to your policy. If the plumbing, electrical, roof, or other areas of your home’s structure are no longer safe, this, too can impact your policy.

2. You Added Risky Additions

Another key factor that often occurs in homes without any warning is additional risk. Sometimes called attractive nuisances, these are items you add to your home so you can enjoy them more fully. A swimming pool is a common example. Another may be a tree house or a trampoline. Because these structures increase the chances someone will suffer an injury at your property, costs for home insurance tend to rise.

3. Your Neighborhood

Over time, changes in the neighborhood can also impact your home insurance costs. For example, if there are numerous burglaries or increased crime in the area of other forms, this can drive up your costs. You may pay more, for example, if the area sees a significant amount of fire or flooding.

4. You Added Valuables

The more expensive the valuables at your home are, the more coverage you need to protect them. For example, you let your agent know you invested in a new gaming system. Or, you added an expensive home security system. These things may be a higher value. This increases the value of contents in your home. This, too, drives up the costs.

Other factors can apply as well. For example, inflation plays a role in costs. The area’s risk factors for storms can also increase especially when devastation happens nearby to you. You may even see rates rise simply because you filed a number of claims. Your agent can help you remain in the most affordable Dublin home insurance policy available if you contact them at 925-737-1560.

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