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The Bay Area, East Bay and Dublin CA

JSW Insurance is one of the largest apartment insurance agents in California. We’ve been insuring landlords for over 20 years. Because we personally inspect nearly all of the apartment buildings we insure, we are able to secure the best rates possible for you.

Take advantage of our established, long term relationships with underwriters who really know apartment insurance.

Our up-front property evaluation really sets us apart from other agents. We can help you identify improvements that can both save you money on your insurance costs as well as help you avoid future claims. Give us the chance to evaluate your property by asking for a quote today.

Important Optional Coverages Are Available

Building Ordinance & Law Coverage
After having a claim which is covered by your policy, you may incur additional expenses while rebuilding your property due to local building codes. From demolition to debris removal, to zone laws and building codes. State and local requirements regulate how you can rebuild your property after a loss. You may even be required to make improvements to parts of your building that were not damaged in the loss. If you do not have this coverage endorsed on to your policy, you will be paying for these increased costs out of your pocket. Call us today to discuss this complicated coverage in more detail.

Do you need Worker’s Compensation coverage?
If you have a resident manager, then you need this coverage. Even if you only compensate him with a deduction in rent, you are considered his employer. If you do not have a worker’s compensation policy, you will be paying out of pocket for any injuries that your resident manager sustains. Please call today for a quote.

Tenant Discrimination Coverage
If you are sued for discrimination, your general liability policy will not respond. Lawsuits can be over disabilities, race, gender, religion, etc. In order for you to be covered, you must have this specialized coverage. We have markets available to provide this coverage.

You’ve got coverage, but do your tenants?
In the event of a loss, a lot of worry and needless disputes can be avoided by knowing that your tenants carry their own property insurance. Generally, a tenant in an apartment can get this coverage for about $300 per year. We can help by providing you with brochures to distribute to your tenants. Please call and let us know how many you need.

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