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Have you ever head the phrase, “Surround yourself with great people.”? When you hear that you might think about the professionals that you deal with: your financial planner, your accountant, your bookkeeper, your attorney. I highly recommend that you also consider your insurance agent as one of those trusted professionals.

Anyone can offer you great rates for your home and auto insurance, but not everyone is qualified to craft an insurance product which properly protects you and your family from a financial disaster.

You didn’t choose Danville as your home town because it was the cheapest, so why would you buy your insurance based on which is the cheapest? reports that the median home price in Danville in 2018 is $1,256,100. How much equity do you have in your home? If your equity is higher than your auto insurance liability limit, you could be headed for a life changing financial crisis if anyone in your household is involved in a serious accident.

Working with one agent who has the markets and knowledge to oversee your home, auto, investment properties and personal umbrella is far more valuable to you than finding the lowest cost auto insurance. Having a professional insurance agent who can look over all of your insurance needs helps eliminate gaps in your coverage and ensures that you will have the proper coverage when it is needed.

Craig Williams

About Craig Williams

Licensed insurance agent since 1996 Craig holds licenses in California, Nevada, Washington and Arizona. Craig is proud to be a second generation independent insurance agent and runs his family owned business with his sister. Craig recently served as the President of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of California following his service on both its executive committee and its board of directors.

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